Sunday, February 19, 2012

Happy V Day Teachers!

Cause I am "THAT" mom!
That is why I knitted up these cute washcloths for the kid's teachers and teacher helpers for valentines day.
(not the best pic - taken with phone)

And I always decide to make gifts like this at the last minute. I got four of these knitted up in less then 2 days.
I made 3 of these pink and white variegated ones and 1 red one. And yes for some reason I only took a pic of these one.
I got mini bubble baths which I wrapped the washcloth around tied with a cute little ribbon. And no I didn't get a picture - opps.

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  1. Darling idea - and so perfect for teachers who just may have an overdose of candy on that day! I'll bet your kids felt so important bringing these around to the staff. Love all around - thanks to a thoughtful mommy!