Sunday, January 29, 2012

So what is on my size 9 needles?

My Family's Afghan!
I said in my 1st post that my husband has been asking me to make stuff for our family. After making 2 beyond beautiful afghans (in my view) for 2 family weddings this past summer I decided to make an afghan for my family. After searching patterns all over the net I feel in love with this one. The color got me. I couldn't get past the color play. I kept coming back to it. I had done this similar circle design in a few dishcloths in the past.

I knew just the yarn to make it in. I would have loved loved to make it in Noro yarn. But between my daughter and I we would be in big trouble cuddled up to a wool blanket. Wool = Hives for the two us. So instead I ran to get Bernat's Mosaic yarn which I fell in love with while making one of the wedding afghans. The colors they have offered made it so hard for me to choose for my afghan. At my local store they had like 12 colors available. I grabbed one of each of about 10 of the colors. Ran home and sat and figured out which ones to use first. This is one of my most favorite creative parts of knitting - picking colors. I love picking colors.

So since christmas I have been putting most of my knitting time into this project. I can't wait to sit on the couch with my family and cover up us all up with it. I really hope this happens when its still cold out instead of a 80 degree July day.

Here are a few pics of the progress. I have one strip done and another started. The lighting isn't very good since its winter and we only have clouds and no sun here in Michigan.

1st finished strip

The start of my second strip. I also added a slight edge on the far left strip of the afghan.

Some the colors to grace the afghan

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  1. oh my crazy colorful goodness!!! THAT is fantastic! like seriously just ridiculously awesome!