Wednesday, January 18, 2012

2012 knitting plans

My husband has been hinting to me to knit stuff for our house and us. I always mean to knit one of those dishcloths for myself or to knit a ruffle scarf for my daughter after seeing one that a friend made. I knitted for us before but its never the majority of my work.

So I have some stuff on my TO KNIT LIST

- A honeycomb afghan
- Fingerless glove - mittens
- A family tree afghan
- about 10 dishcloths
- skull cap hat for hubby
 - He even said he may wear a scarf
- some quick fancy scarfs for myself
- Also I have this cute sweater I started years ago soon after I started knitting. I want to restart it.

 So this is my short list as of right now. My goal is to keep you up to date on what I got knittin

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