Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Knitted potato scrubber - Who knew??

So this is about a knitted item and a little bit about food.
Last week I was going to roast a chicken and wanted to add some small potatoes in with it. I grew potatoes last summer in my garden and I have a bunch of super small ones. So I needed to give them a good scrub before putting them in a pot. Well I started with my veggie scrubber but its a bit on the old worn out side. So why not try a nice textured knitted washcloth? It worked out great. Scrubbed them all clean and dropped them in right in the pot.

So here are my potatoes all clean on the dishcloth that I used. Its a large dishcloth so you can see the size that the potatoes are.
I would also like to note this dishcloth wasn't made my me. It was a gift from one of my knitting group friends. We do dish/wash cloth exchanges often. I love to use all the pretty ones I get from all my friends.

The family of course ate them all up. But we are the meat and potato kind of people.

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